Manufacturer & Fabrication Sourcing

Sourcing your manufacturing and fabrication needs from China.

Manufacturer Sourcing

Looking for a product manufactured overseas, we can choose from a range of known factories in China that best suit your individual product.

The specifications and quality you require, from the accuracy of fabrication, to the product finish and packaging; all aspects can be detailed to ensure the end result is to your expectations.

Don't leave to chance the product you want to import - Vara Allied can obtain samples for your inspection, and you can trust that the goods you order will arrive in the same quality as the sample you inspected and approved.  

The product that suits your needs isn’t only based on price, there are a range of issues that Vara Allied can help to get right:

  • Material specifications
  • Weld details
  • Quality and tolerance
  • Protective coating and finish
  • Packaging

Discussing these details face to face at your workshop or place of business minimises your time input, leaving the staff at Vara Allied to sort through the specifications with the Chinese factory to meet your requirements.


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