Our Advantage

Why use Vara Allied?

Time management

Learning what is required and complying with the paper work requirements of various agencies to import products is not an impossible task, but it does take a lot of time and requires a great deal of organisation.  If you are importing goods only a few times a year, keeping up with this process can be difficult and can cost you far more than our commission fee in your time alone.

Avoid costly errors

Having Vara Allied involved as a new set of eyes, dedicated to making sure you receive the products you want, is a good risk reduction strategy for your business.  Our experience can help reduce the risk of making mistakes with product specifications, material selection, finishing, packaging and a range of issues we have dealt with for numerous clients.

Our Experience

We have been importing for clients throughout Australia for over 12 years and have been exposed to and resolved many issues along the way. Our experience will enable you to import products without the start-up risks you would face doing this alone.

Factory contacts

Our broad range of contacts in China ensures the right factory is used to fabricate your specific product. Our contacts have the ability and experience to find the best price and quality product you require, quickly and efficiently.  We can save you from wasting many hours on endless searches, and reduce your risk of doing business with a stranger.

Minimise import costs

Due to our broad client base, we have the ability to combine multiple smaller orders into a single container. These mixed container are unloaded at our Canning Vale warehouse (in Perth) and organised for your collection. Combining orders and sharing costs ensures your import costs are minimised.

Established trading terms

Over the years of trading with China, we have established a reputation with many factories; a trust that has enabled us to negotiate the best possible trading terms. Working with Vara Allied enable you to benefit from these trading terms upfront, so that you don't need to wait years to develop the same kinds of relationships.