Looking to Design and Manufacture a New Product in China?

Manufacturing Sourcing

How do I go about getting a new product designed in China? We all know Chinese manufacturers can take an already designed product and manufacture millions of them. The question is, can you get a product well designed in China based on your drawings and instructions?

The answer is most definitely yes, but you need to know the pitfalls...

An Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) designs and manufactures a product ready for your branding. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) makes parts and sub-systems that are used in another company’s end product. Vara Allied has experience and contacts in both areas of product development.

Communication is Key

A designer can’t easily interpret your scratching. They need clear directions and guidance. You may say one thing that is understood as something completely different. The poor communication between business owner and designer sees the futile exercise drag out over months as one failed prototype follows the next.

Background in Engineering

Often a business owner isn’t the best person to brief a designer on the requirements of a new product. Vara Allied has the skills needed in organising the design of new products because its MD has an engineering degree. Craig can communicate with designers because they ‘speak the same language’. Of course, if we think you are better off getting your prototype made in Australia or elsewhere we’ll tell you and can help source and brief the best designer, wherever that might be.

Meeting Australian Guidelines & Standards

If you intend bringing a product into Australia, it needs to meet strict guidelines. If you aren’t familiar with the Australian requirements you could find the goods are banned at the wharf, or you get them to market only to have them recalled. A potentially dangerous or faulty product is costly and could even cost you your business. Using an experienced importing broker and engineer means you have someone who knows the Australian regulations backwards.

In China, Contacts are Key

If we haven’t dealt with the right Chinese ODM or OEM to complete your design and manufacture, we will have a contact who knows the one we need. Once a possible company has been found, we know all the right questions to ask to ensure they are well placed to handle your job. We make regular visits to China, so we’ll be meeting with them face to face and checking on the progress of your job.


We understand the need for speed. Getting your new product to market is often time critical, so we’ll ensure the design and manufacture are completed as quickly as possible. A minimum viable product (MVP) is what may be best to meet this requirement and then refine your product as time and budget allow.

One-Stop Shop

Many import experts won’t be able to assist with both the design and manufacture. By using Vara Allied, you can save yourself time and money because we’re a one-stop shop. Our specialist engineering skills can ensure the best design possible; we can source the most cost effective, high-quality manufacturer and then handle the freight for shipping the goods to Australia.

Do you have questions about Chinese product design & manufacturing? Discuss your options with Vara Allied today by calling (08) 6115 0118 or contact us via email.