How We Handle Quality Control and Factory Inspections in China

Factory Visitations

Local Chinese agent conducting a factory inspection to ensure quality.

Quality is the number one concern for customers using a Chinese factory to manufacture their goods. Inferior products are the reason customers vouch to never use a Chinese manufacturer again. But the right buying agent can ensure sub-standard manufacture isn’t a problem.  


Quality Control

Some of Vara Allied’s customers have attempted to organise the manufacture of goods in China with no assistance. Many have had some early success but then experienced a less than satisfactory result on at least one shipment that made them question if Chinese manufacture is for them. 



What many people new to overseas manufacture don’t realise is how they need to communicate with a Chinese factory compared to a local one. What may seem like common sense to us, needs including in the instructions. You can’t ever assume that the Chinese factory knows what a product does or how it works. Even if you’re sure the worker understands the product, explain it anyway.   

But it’s a fine line between communicating too much or too little! A large quantity of written instructions risks not being read and leaving information out will usually result in the factory choosing the lowest cost (and quality) material. 



One of our main philosophies at Vara Allied is to get the sample right before proceeding with a full order. Sure, it takes time and can be a frustrating experience but if you can you keep going back and forth with the factory refining the sample until it’s just right, the outcome will be worth it.  


Trusted Suppliers

When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you find good suppliers and stick with them. Using the same manufacturer for multiple clients in different industries, you get to know how the factory works best and how to communicate with them to gain the best outcome.  

Vara Allied also uses local manufacturing expert contacts to locate a new supplier that can supply a quality product for the best price. Having trusted locals in China saves us time and money.         


Established Relationships

When doing business with China, relationships are everything. An Australian business that orders one item will never be a Chinese manufacturer’s valued client. Australian quantities are smaller than most other customers. 

A Chinese factory values their relationship with an Australian buyers’ agent because they know there is the potential for a significant amount of work for many years to come. If there’s a problem with an order, the factory is more likely to fix it to save the relationship with an agent. The same problem with a stand-alone company might be dismissed and communications cut-off. 

An established relationship has the additional benefit of protecting our clients’ intellectual property (IP). Businesses all over the world complain that their product has been copied and distributed by the factory or the IP sold to another Chinese manufacturer. If a factory has little to lose in the relationship, your valuable IP is at risk. 


Chinese Factory Inspections

Visiting Chinese factories regularly is ideal for building the relationship and checking facilities. The Coronavirus pandemic has put a hold on Vara Allied’s ability to regularly visit factories in China. If we can’t make it to China (due to COVID-19 circumstances) and a factory needs inspecting, we use a trusted local to inspect on our behalf and report back before we proceed further with an order. 

If you have had any problems with quality control of your Chinese manufactured goods, call  Vara Allied on (08) 6115 0118 or contact us online.