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Our mission at Vara Allied is to develop long term partnerships with our clients by providing the right product at the best price and efficiently dealing with all aspects of the importing process.

Our people

Ross Gobby

Since founding Vara Allied in 2004, and importing independently for his own successful retail business prior to this, Ross could see how his contacts and experience would be valuable to other companies. Never satisfied with the status quo, Ross constantly strives to minimise costs and improve systems knowing through his years of experience that it is only with constant evolution and growth that businesses remain competitive and profitable.

With a wealth of hands-on experience in marketing and retail, Ross understands Australian consumer expectations and the perspective of business owners.

Craig Tyrrell
Operational Manager

With a degree in Engineering and 17 years experience in project engineering, Craig brings design and production expertise to Vara Allied. Having worked as the client representative, this gives Craig a greater understanding of customer perspective and expectations.

Kerry Evans
Accounts / Sales

With an accounting degree and over 7 years experience working with Vara Allied, Kerry has the practical knowledge to streamline the administration of importing. 


Vara Allied has been importing products from Asia since 2004. The idea began when Ross Gobby, then a director of a successful retail business in Perth, decided to import from China to reduce costs and increase his own profit margins in the late 1990's. After several years of working through the many varied and costly issues, Ross took this concept to other companies in Western Australia and now works with businesses throughout Australia to import a diverse range of products.

Craig Tyrrell joined the company in 2015, bringing 17 years of engineering and design experience and a fresh perspective to product sourcing and importing.

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